Future Foods Premium Sorghum Flour | Subtle Sweet-Sour Taste | Gluten Free | Rich Source of Antioxidants | Dietary Fiber Rich | Ideal for Diabetic Patients


1. Powerful Iron Source: Sorghum flour is high in iron content which helps in red blood cell development and prevents anemia/nBoosts Blood Circulation: Copper in sorghum aids iron absorption and increases red blood cell synthesis, improving blood circulation throughout the body.
2. Natural Blood Booster: Refined from sorghum plant stalks and juices, this flour stimulates natural blood cell production for a healthy circulatory system.
3. Delicious Taste: With a subtle sweet-sour taste, sorghum flour can be used like wheat flour to add flavor and nutrition to baked goods and dishes.
4. Multipurpose Ingredient: As a gluten-free alternative to wheat, sorghum flour is suitable for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance and can be used in rotis, breads, snacks and more.

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This sorghum flour from Future Brands is a wholesome addition to your kitchen. Made from the nutritious stalks and juices of the sorghum plant, it is high in minerals like copper and iron that aid blood circulation. Iron supports red blood cell development while copper facilitates iron absorption. Adding this flour to your diet helps stimulate red blood cell synthesis and improves blood flow. With its mildly sweet yet tangy taste, the flour can be used to make delicious rotis, dosas and idlis. Being rich in proteins and fibers, it also assists in maintaining overall health and wellness. Try incorporating sorghum flour into your regular meals to experience its energizing benefits. Future Brands ensures high standards of quality control so you get only the best from every pack.

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